Admit it: You want it. We all do.

I’m talking about swag.

Space swag.

What’s space swag? It’s that perfect match between personality and design, the sublime union of form and function. It’s the result of finding your voice, home-wise, and it starts with the combination of you and me.

Let me explain: there are countless contractors in Kansas City who can build a structure. There are many designers in the metro area who can dress it up. But there are only a few who do the prep work that turns a space from ok to freakin’ fantastic, and I’m one of the best.

We don’t start with colors or tile choices. We start with a conversation. I ask questions: — Who does the cooking? And what do you love to cook? Are you a TV or a board games (or both?) family? How much time would you spend in your master bedroom if it was perfectly suited to you? What does perfectly suited mean, anyway?

As far as I’m concerned, no question, or discussion, is off-limits when we work together. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m not afraid to “go there." I want to know what makes you tick, what trips your trigger, what gets you all warm and fuzzy; because when I know those things about you, I can help you create a space that truly feels like home.

Space swag happens only when I listen. It happens because I hear what you say, and also because I can turn what you want into a reality. It happens because each and every step of our work together is part of an on-going conversation.

And yes — we will talk colors and tile choices, and the advantages and disadvantages of hardwoods vs. carpeting. We’ll talk about layout and function. We’ll talk resale value, and budget considerations. All of that is important, and each element is a part of the process.

But first, we’ll talk about you. We’ll talk about what you like and what you don’t. We’ll talk about what you’ve always wanted and what you never knew you needed. That, my friend, is how you find your space swag.

The Beginning

The first post of this blog is a cause for celebration it’s been a lot of work, a lot of planning, to get to this point. And it’s exciting! I have lots of great things in store for this space as we get comfy.

But like any space I work on, the first step isn’t about measurements or plans. The first step is about getting to know each other. Typically I ask the questions, but not this time; this time, I’m welcoming you into my corner of the web, my online home. I want you to make yourself at home, and I want to tell you a little about who I am, what makes me tick, and why I’m here.


I’m Amanda. You can read more about me here, but what that little blurb doesn’t tell you is that I thrive on challenge. When someone says "You can’t," I say, "Watch me!" When someone says, "It can’t be done." I say, "Let's find a way." When someone says, "It's too much," I say "Bring it on."

I’m the heart and soul of KC Remodeler. KC Remodeler is a one-stop real estate powerhouse: we do residential and commercial, new construction and remodels, modern and mid century modern. We plan, build, manage, buy, sell and design.

And this is our virtual home. This is where we’ll blog about what we’re doing and the people and projects we’re working on. This is where we’ll post videos; because we know that everyone loves a little sneak peek and real behind-the-scenes action. This is the hub of our social media activity and where we’ll share big news and exciting plans.

As this space grows and expands, you’ll notice changes. We’ll add videos and resources for all you curious folks, and we’ll post the tastiest eye candy for our friends who love before and after shots. If you want to be nudged every now and then to come back and see what’s new, sign up for our mailing list or like our Facebook page.

Trust me when I say we have so much more to share — I’m all about walking my talk and turning my big dreams into kick-ass reality — but for now, click around and check out our new digs. Get comfy. Stay connected. We’re so glad you’re here.

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